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Website design prices in South Africa?

The average web design price (the most basic one-page website) in South Africa is R1500.

Website design prices in South Africa can range anywhere between R700 and R100 000. In reality the price of a website is determined by what you need and who you’re getting it from.

The demand for (Personal and Professional) websites in South Africa has been on the rise since 2008, which has naturally increased the number of suppliers of this service especially the independent web designer.  A designer worth his money knows what good design entails, the amateur who lacks the necessary skill and experience, may not guarantee the quality and functionality that a professional website requires.

The ‘cheaper’ once off price many independent web designers offer may make sense to the small business owner but that may be an expensive mistake for the future. There are always a number of factors one must consider before purchasing/acquiring the services of a web designer/design company and these factors should determine the web design package price you may require.

Do I need an E-commerce Website In South Africa

The short answer is: Yes

If you are selling any type of service or product in 2020, yes you need to have an e-commerce store or be registered with an e-commerce platform to ensure your business has a strong online presence and allow it to thrive.

You can either get web design for your specific business or you could sign up to one of the many established e-commerce stores like shopify or both.

(check out this exhaustive article on e-commerce stores: https://www.oberlo.com/blog/what-is-ecommerce)

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